Let’s Get Fired Up!

I hope everyone’s been doing well with the change of seasons.  The past few days have been rainy, dreary and cool here in Texas.  My daughters and I are getting ready for another Melanoma Walk here in the Dallas area.  If you are in Texas (or anywhere) and want to come walk in the Miles for Melanoma on November 2, 2013 they would LOVE to have you.  There is a Fun Run as well as a 5K.  Please use the link listed below to find out more and register if you can.



I’m currently working on ways to get more recipients for us to send our encouraging cards to.  Again, if you know someone with cancer or another illness, please sign them up so that we can spread some smiles!!

Thanks again for all that you do!!

Stacie xo



  1. tammy popoca

    I read on facebook that you cards to people. I’d like to sign my dad up. Hes currently at memorial hermann in the med center in houston texas. He was diagnosed with melonoma 2 weeks ago. It has spread to his lungs and liver. He also now has multiple organ failure. He has been given less than 6 months. He will be sent home under hospice care this friday. Any encouragement or kind words would be great foe him.


  2. Tammy chappelear

    My husband starts yervoy Friday. He is frightened and nervous. Marty chappelear 10 rocky ford rd lavonia ga 30553.


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