Thank you and everyone sending the cards so much. I wish they could have all seen the smiles. I’d have taken the camera if I’d have known!  -P

Having a sick loved one, you will go to great lengths to cheer them up or even to just to see them smile. By Stacie making this wonderful program, she made it easy for me to spread smiles to my aunt and cousins by just delivering cards from so many wonderful people around the country! The thoughtful, caring messages from so many showed my aunt and cousins how many people were thinking and praying for them. I am honored to be a sender and am grateful for every one that made my aunt and cousins smile with their kind words.  -G

When my dad was diagnosed with Cancer in February of 2012 we knew it wouldn’t be easy.  He had easy days and hard days, then he had really hard days and we thought there was no hope.  Then my friend Stacie told me about Give a Smile Today and I knew for dads latest hospital visit I had to sign him up.  The nearly 25 cards he has received have brightened his spirit, his smile and his days. Seeing the delight on his face makes our whole family happy.  I encourage anyone and everyone to be a part of this wonderful idea in one way or another.-N


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