Where Do We Go From Here?

I started this site and this group as a way to keep the memory of my mom alive.  Making other people smile while they’re feeling down from cancer treatments or other illnesses is something that really makes me happy.  I know that lots of kind-hearted people signed up to join me on this mission for the same reason as well.

For some reason though, I have a really hard time getting people signed up to receive cards and tokens from our group.  What can you do?  Think real hard about people who you may know in your everyday life, church, work site, etc.  Is there someone who might benefit from a showering of cards?    If anybody knows of a way to reach out to those who are suffering and could use a “pick me up” from others, please contact me.  I’d LOVE to brainstorm on ways to get this group to grow and touch as many people as we can.

I’m not giving up…

photo-11(picture was taken from Pinterest)

Thanks for all you do!

Stacie xo


One comment

  1. Natalie

    I’ve been thinking of what to say, since the day you posted this. Stacie, I have found it “uncomfortable” approaching people about sharing their address and personal information. Especially given they are going through a difficult time. When I have approached family members, I don’t really get a clear response….. Which makes it that much more uncomfortable. ha ha Sending cards….that’s the easy part… I wonder if you could possibly connect with an organization like Victory In The Valley? Perhaps they would like to participate by approaching families they feel would love to hear from us? I so want your mission to be a success, I won’t give up either. Let me know what you hear from others. xoxo ~Natalie


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